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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 07-09-2017
DogId: Belle (WA#4379)
Gender: F
Age: 5 yr - 10 yrs
Location: Selah WA
Special Needs:

Please Meet Belle!

Belle is a delightful, female Border Collie/Greyhound, about 7 years old.  This mix of breed called a “Lurcher” is traced back to the 1400’s or beyond and bred for their speed and ability to catch rabbits. It is rumored that the King’s land was off limits to hunting by the peasants so the Lurcher was used to poach for food. Belle is a hilarious character of dog whatever her breeding! She delights in walking around the house with a toy in her mouth, “talking” and trying to get someone to join her game. If she can't get another dog or person to join the fun, she'll push her toy across the floor with both of her front feet!

Belle loves life! If you love life, and want a dog who never has a bad day and is so happy to see you, then Belle is your gal! Being greeted by Belle when you come home will make you feel like you're the most special person in the world, and to Belle, you are!

Belle loves people! She’s housetrained, walks on leash and rides in the car well. This cheerful girl loves to be near her people and enjoys just hanging out with them while they’re reading a book or watching TV. Belle gets along very well with all of our dogs. She is usually quiet, but will bark to let you know a visitor’s at the door or fence gate. We don’t have cats, so we don’t know how she responds around them. Belle has shown interest in our horses and watches them from the porch. Occasionally, she’ll bark at them when they’re doing their horsey shenanigans. Since Belle is a little older, we suggest a quieter home or no small children.

Belle reportedly has a history of seizures and is on medication for them.  In the 3 months she’s been with us, Belle has not had a seizure. The medication Keppra is used to prevent seizures. Keppra is not expensive, only about fifty cents to a dollar a day, depending on your veterinarians’ pricing.  One of our own dogs, who is 15 years old, has seizures. He takes Keppra that has kept his seizures under control. While a seizure may be a little scary, they pass quickly. Even though our old dog has had seizures, we would never trade the wonderful time, laughter and love he’s shared with us over many years! We would be more than happy to talk with you about living with a dog that may have seizures and hope you'll consider making Belle part of your family.

Belle weighs about 45 pounds and is a bit taller than standard Border Collie size.  She’s active, but will sleep peacefully and quietly by your side.  If you’d like to meet Belle, please fill out an on-line application.  After completing the application, please contact her foster parents Mike and Marian at  Belle is fostered in Selah WA, which is about the middle of the state. You would need to make arrangements to meet her in her foster home. Belle’s adoption fee is $150.00 and goes to help pay rescue’s spay, neuter, vaccines and other medical bills for the animals we rescue.


Thank you for thinking rescue and for considering a nice dog like Belle.

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