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Rescue Group: Border Creek Rescue
Date: 06-19-2019
DogId: Gambit (OR#4503)
Gender: M
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Corvallis
Special Needs:

Gambit is a great 17 month old border collie with a rough coat.  He weighs in at about 40 pounds.  He is up to date on shots, has an appointment to be neutered next week and is an easy keeper.  He is happy to do whatever his person is doing.  He loves to play ball.  He gets along with all the dogs here, large and small but he minds his own buisness.  He is a sweet boy that loves affection from his person.  He attaches quickly to his person and is very much devoted to that person. He was turned into rescue for herding the toddler so no small children please.  He is also too intense with my cat.  I think for the happiness of everyone he should live in a cat free home.  He has an off button and is happy to lay at my feet but when I am ready to go, he is ready to go.  He is very biddable and wants to do what he is asked.  With a little training I think he will be the perfect dog. 

He won't be adopted out as an outdoor only dog.  Dogs need to be inside where it is safe and warm and they can be with their people.

If you are interested in Gambit please fill out an application FIRST before contacting his foster home at

Thanks for thinking rescue.

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