Border Collie Rescue

North Bend, OR

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 03-09-2019
DogId: Gabby (OR#4494)
Gender: F
Age: < 6 mo
Location: North Bend, OR
Special Needs: none

Gabby is an adorable, super sweet, and easy 4 month old puppy! She gets along with other dogs and loves to play, she also loves people and loves to cuddle with you, however she is unsure around tall men with beards. She was food aggressive with dogs when we got her, but is learning, and has no aggression around toys. No aggression problem with people, you can take anything away. She is very soft and a simple verbal correction is enough to redirect her. She growls if a dog gets near her crate when she is in it, but no issues if she is out of it. She is very food motivated and doing very well with house training. 


She walks pretty well on a leash, sleeps well in a crate, settles well, very food motivated and knows some basic commands (sit, come, down). She is tiny (17 lbs now, probably won’t get much more than 25.), sweet and a great little puppy.  She has a lot of potential as an agility or fly ball partner, but could also work well with an active family. 


She is spayed and up to date on her shots.  Her adoption fee is $150.


If you are interested in Gabby, please fill out an application. For more information, you may e-mail .

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