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George, Wa

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Rescue Group: Nikki
Date: 01-03-2019
DogId: Fly (WA#4485)
Gender: F
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: George, Wa
Special Needs: none

Fly is a 2yr old border collie from working lines. She is small, cute, outgoing & in need of a job. My 1st choice of home for her would be with someone that wanted to herd sheep as she shows a very high aptitude for it. However with a very active home she could also be a good pet. She could be a good running/hiking companion but if you have a sedate lifestyle & just go for short walks or an occasional hike she is not the dog for you. Fly was born on a ranch & given to a little boy as a pet.  She slept with him, & was fine with the kids but has NO desire to fetch & with loads of herding instinct & no other stock she was chasing the family’s horses. She will try to herd anything & everything from sheep, horses, cats, other dogs... I’ve worked her on sheep in the round pen a few times & she needs a lot of training but shows promise  

Fly needs to gain a few pounds & her ideal weight will be about 28-30#. She’s good with kids, loves people, crate trained, house trained (will need a refresher as she’s not been in for awhile ). She has a good recall, knows sit, decent leash manners & travels well. She will fixate on cats & try to herd them. She hasn’t hurt any but irritates them.  Fly is ok with other dogs but does try to control their movements so we are working on that. She’s not a good candidate for visits to the dog park as that would be setting her up for disaster. . If you would like more information please fill out the application & then email Nikki at

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