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KOBE - special needs
Nampa, ID

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Rescue Group: IDAWG
Date: 10-27-2018
DogId: KOBE - special needs (ID#4472)
Gender: M
Age: 2 yr - 5 yrs
Location: Nampa, ID
Special Needs:

Kobe is an adorable, approximately 2 to 3 year old border collie or border collie mix. He is a small guy at about 31 pounds. This dog has not had a good life up until now. And even now, all the new things can be difficult for him. We have been taking it slow.

Kobe was a stray in a rural area of SW Idaho for a month, that we know of. Some kind people helped get him into foster care. Things like collars and leashes and confinement are new to him.

He had his first bath (probably ever) soon after he came to us and our groomer said he did very well, even with the hair dryer.

Now that we have gotten to know Kobe better we are listing him as special needs. We believe someone has been cruel to him and therefore he is going to need a patient and understanding family to adopt him. He gets frantic if left in a crate, so right now he eats his meals in the crate and then his foster mom gets him out. He's good with that! When his foster family is at work he stays in a exercise pen similar to this:

Kobe was distrustful of new people when we got him and it took a little time to gain his trust. Once he trusts you, he just wants to be by your side. If you try to grab at his collar he gets very upset so we always try to take it slow when leashing him up or handling him by the collar. His foster family is playing the Collar Grab Game with Kobe to try to help him get over his fear of being handled by the collar. This will probably need to be continued in his new home to reinforce what he is learning. Here is an example of what the game involves:

He has some separation anxiety so we are hoping to find him someone that either works from home or is retired and can be with him most days. When he has to be left at home without his people, the exercise pen is a good option. He seems to accept it and does not try to escape. Kobe does love being indoors with his people, but we do not consider him fully housetrained yet. 

Kobe gets along with most dogs, but not all. Kobe is grumbly when dogs get in his face and some dogs take offense to this and will try to attack him. He is only asking for space, but not all dogs understand this communication. Therefore, Kobe is not a candidate for the dog park.

Kobe does enjoy playing fetch and loves to retrieve! This is a great way to interact with him and get to know him.

Even though Kobe loves children, we are seeking a home without little ones. Mainly for the reason that he doesn't like to be grabbed by the neck or collar.

Having a dog like Kobe in your life can be very rewarding. Helping him learn new things and seeing how far he has come is the best! Dogs like this are why we do rescue.

Sponsored by the Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group. Kobe will be neutered on December 5th. His adoption fee is $200 and this also includes his vaccinations and microchip. You must be willing to come to SW Idaho to meet Kobe if you are interested in possibly adopting him. Please complete the application on this page if you are interested in Kobe and then send an email to Joan at If you have any questions about Kobe, please email Joan at

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