Border Collie Rescue

Baker City, Oregon

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 10-13-2018
DogId: Brohn (OR#4469)
Gender: M
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Baker City, Oregon
Special Needs: none

My name is Brohn and I am a handsome 14 month old male Border Collie. My name is from a chracter in the Game of Thrones   I have a beautiful shiny medium length coat.  I am starting to grow my winter coat, so will look a little rough around the edges.   I have been iving on a working cattle ranch and that is my problem.  I am not made out o be a ranch dog herding cattle around.   I prefer to be a velcro dog near to my female owner and her two children.  I enjoy running, playing and chasing with the little boys off or on leash.  I am very friendly and social and love to meet new people.  I am a little cautious when people approach me too quickly and it makes me nervous, but I quickly get over it if a friendlly hand appears for me to sniff and check out.  I woud love to find an active family that will take me walking, running, chasing, playing with toys and loving on me all the time.  I and houe trained and well behaved in the house.  I also know my basic commands and am leash trained.  I have always ridden inside the vehicles and never in the back of a piickup or truck.  It is too dangerous.  I love children and would do well in a home with adults only or young children to play with.  I am very smart and would do well in all kinds of activities.  I think that I would do very well in agility trials, flyball, obedience and other activities that require intelligence, speed and agiity.  If you are looking for the perfect family member to share your chair, couch or bed on the floor, that is me.  I do not want to be a dog sitting out in the yard looking in.  I need to find a family that wil provide me a home with a secure fenced area where I cannot wander or get hurt.  I do not do well with small farm animals, such as rabbits, chickens, ducks.  I am okay with catss though. Please call Best friends of Baker at 541-519-7387 for more information.  You can find an application on this site.  WE DO NOT TEXT SO PLEASE CALL OR SEND AN APPLICATION WITH REFERENCES.  WE RESPOND QUICKLY TO ALL PHONE CALLS AND COMPLETED APPLICATIONS.

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