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Rescue Group: Border Creek Rescue
Date: 08-30-2018
DogId: Tonks (OR#4459)
Gender: M
Age: < 6 mo
Location: Corvallis
Special Needs: none

Meet Tonks- he is a real deal herding breed.  He is border collie/aussie.  He is 15 weeks old and has not had any work. training or attention until recently but boy does he love it.  He loves being trained, he loves the other dogs, he loves living in the house.  His house training is really coming along splendidly.  He loves clicker training.  He has a great sit and down and come is coming along.  He knows to sit and wait for his meal and he loves eating his meal from a puzzle toy.  He has started playing with toys and is super friendly.  Don't let all this sweetness fool you.  He is 100% herding dog.  His aussie side is very vocal and he is trying really hard to not use his voice because he is realizing it does not get him what he wants.  This boy needs a job.  He needs agility, he needs herding, he needs obedience.  He really needs a herding breed savvy owner.  If you have had a herding breed before, have some time on your hands to work with this boy he will be amazing.  He is not timid and wants to learn the ways of the world.  He needs TONS of work.  This is not a couch potatoe dog and won't be untill he is about 15 years old.  He is a project that will love you 24/7 for your work.  Leave him be and he will destroy your house and infuriate your neighbors.  Love him, train him and give him a job and he will be an amazing life long companion. 


Because of his herding tendencies we are asking for a home without children. Tonks has started socialization and begining training but will need loads more.  He is not house trained but is working on it.  He is crate trained and has started some very basic obedience training. He needs a person who is experienced in border collies to continue his education. 

His adoption fee is $300 and he will require a deposit of $200 which will be refunded upon proof of neuter at 6 months to a year. 

If you are interested in Tonks please fill out an application here by clicking on the button under her picture and then contact Border Creek at

Please don't contact us before filling out an application so we can be prepared to answer your questions.

Thanks for your interest in rescue. 

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