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Boise, ID

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Rescue Group: IDAWG
Date: 05-26-2018
DogId: MYA (ID#4435)
Gender: F
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Boise, ID
Special Needs: none

Meet Mya!  Mya is between 1½ and 2 years old.  We think she is a heeler x border collie mix.  She weighs approximately 45 pounds.

Mya is a loving, affectionate, intelligent, high energy dog.  She loves to be petted, loves to play ‘fetch’ and is food motivated as well as play motivated.  She’ll tell you that tug-of-war is her favorite training game.  She knows sit, lay down and some hand signals.  Mya does great in the house by herself and loves to nap on the couch.  She is learning crate training, which frightened her at first, but now thinks of it as her safe space.  She was not usually crated during the day as she does so well in the house and had a doggie door to access the outside for pottying.   

Mya loves to be outside – it’s her favorite place.  She does like to cuddle when she thinks it’s cuddle time.  She’s a goofy girl, leaps when she runs and loves to bring you treasures she finds so you can share in her enjoyment.  She loves tennis balls and sticks and peanut butter.  Oh, and she’s a talker, too.  She even likes the snow.  She enjoyed a weekend in the mountains and was a good girl and came back when called.   

Mya gets along with other dogs once she gets to know them and is good about reading other dog’s signals.  She’s curious about cats and chickens and has never appeared to want to harm them, but hasn’t spent a lot of time around them.  As mentioned, she is a high energy girl and would make a good companion for other playful, high energy dogs or owners.  Oh, and she LOVES kids.   

Mya can get bored and has a habit of getting out of the yard.  She discovered that if the braces are on the inside of a wooden fence, she can climb and get herself over.  She’s never dug out…   

Mya was part of a group of dogs brought up last fall from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.  When she came to Boise, she had a litter of puppies that were only a few days old.  Mya and her puppies were fostered until they were old enough to be adopted out.  Mya was spayed and adopted out as well.  She was just returned to rescue and this is what her adopter wrote:  It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter.  I am very sad to have to let her go, but she needs more outside space and more time than I have to give her at this point in time.  I love this girl and she has brought a lot of joy and playfulness to my life, however, I am unable to keep her safe and occupied at this time.   

Mya is an adorable girl, but needs a home that has time for her, to play with her and to engage her with activities and family and a secure fence to keep her safe.   

If you think you would be interested in adopting Mya, please complete the application on this webpage, then contact Kelley at or call 208-869-4065.  Mya's adoption fee is $200 and includes spay, vaccinations and microchip.  She is currently being fostered through Emerald Street Boarding Kennel in Boise and you can meet her there if interested.

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