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Baker City, Oregon

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 05-06-2018
DogId: Tilly (OR#4431)
Gender: F
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Baker City, Oregon
Special Needs:

 Hello there!  My name is Tilly and I am a gorgeous petite Red and White Bprder Collie.  I am very healthy and will be two years old this May.  I am medium length hair and weigh 31 pounds.  I am very energetic and am looking for an active family that will take me for walks, runs, hikes and swimming.  I love to swim and my current owner takes me to the small pond down the road for a day of fishing and swimming.  I live on a mini ranch in eastern Oregon with two adults and one other very old Border Collie who has trained me well.  I am not a true working dog, but am trained to herd the chickens in and out of their coop daily.  I also do well when my owners ride their horses, but cannot be left alone with them.  My natural instinct is to herd the horses and they do not like that.  My owner was recently injured and is unable to care for me so he has asked Best Friends to find me a wonderful new home. I am well behaved and know my basic commands.  I am house trained and can be left alone for several hours at a time without an accident.  I do not chew or destroy things when left in the house and can be trusted to just sleep around with my old friend.  I have never been around cats, so that would be a new experience and take some training.  However, I do understand the word NO and usually pay attention to the sound of the voice.  I enjoy riding in the back seat of the car or "shotgun" in the front if given the chance.  Ii will not ride in the back of a pickup.  It scares me.  I will make a great family pet and loyal companion with a family of adults and older children.  No toddlers please.  They scare me and make me uncomfortable.  I do need a secure fenced yard and do not want to be kenneled outside or tethered up.  Nope, that is not for me.  I am very athletic and would make a great agility trials dog or something that makes me use my body and intelligence.  I am a quick learner and and will make you proud. I am also spayed and vaccinated.  I need to find a forever home ASAP.  So, if you are looking for a beautiful, intelligent and loving family member, please CALL Best Friends of Baker for more information.  WE DO NOT TEXT.   You can also find an adoption application on this site.  We do respond to all completed applications.

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