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Puyallup, WA

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Rescue Group: Owner Placement
Date: 01-10-2018
DogId: Lucky (WA#4407)
Gender: M
Age: 6 mo - 1 yr
Location: Puyallup, WA
Special Needs: none

Lucky is a sweet and loving dog that is very loyal to the family he is with.  He loves to be with the family and whatever they are doing.  He weighs about 38 pounds and does not shed excessively.  He has very soft thick black and white fur.   He loves to be petted and rubbed on his tummy.  Lucky is very good at taking baths and actually enjoys it I feel. 

He is very playful and loves to play fetch go on long walks and run.  He is very intelligent and has had some training.  Lucky does have issues with strangers.  He tends to bark and growl and will snap if not introduced properly.  Once introduced properly he is completely fine with people.  Also Lucky loves children but sometimes can play a little rough.  I wouldn’t recommend him with very small children.

  Lucky is supremely athletic and can jump extremely high.  He is an awesome Frisbee dog and loves to play Frisbee for hours.  Lucky is a beautiful dog but needs the right home that can give him the proper amount of exercise and training.  The training needed would include getting used to strange people, jumping on people when he first sees them. Also he does like to chew on things constantly as well.  Mostly wood or his toys.   (This is a typical younger dog behavior that diminishes with time.) He gets along with dogs well and loves to play. 

He has been recently neutered and has all his current shots including rabies.  He also has been micro chipped. 

If you are interested in Lucky, please fill out the online application, which will be forwarded to Lucky's folks for further contact.

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