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COLTON-adoption pending!
Nampa, ID

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Rescue Group: IDAWG
Date: 04-24-2017
DogId: COLTON-adoption pending! (ID#4360)
Gender: M
Age: 6 mo - 1 yr
Location: Nampa, ID
Special Needs: none

***6/23/17 - ADOPTION PENDING!***

Colton is an approximately 6 month old border collie or border collie mix puppy.  He was a stray at a shelter, so we have no background on him.

What we can tell you is that he is a very smart pup with a BIG personality.  He is crate trained and doing very well on his housetraining.  We consider him to be a fairly high energy puppy, so if you are interested in possibly adopting him, please have an exercise and training plan in mind for him and include details on the application.  If you are wondering if you have the energy to raise an active puppy, then this one is not for you.

This is a busy pup.  He is pretty much always underfoot and if not properly exercised he will find things to do on his own.  In other words, he's a border collie!  Colton is always seeking out his foster mom to interact with.  We love this about him!  He enjoys learning things and is a fun pup to train.

Interested in dog sports?  Colton would excel at any of them with proper training and guidance.  He is a blank slate and loves to learn.  Right now his foster mom is working on obedience basics and he is eating it up.  Yes, we train with treats! He likes to play, either with a human or other dogs or with toys on his own.  He is very exuberant about everything he does and it brings his foster family great joy.

Colton rides well in a vehicle while inside his crate.  He has no reservations about going with to run errands or to visit friends.  Lookout world!

Colton accepts downtime in his crate and goes in willingly for a treat.  He sleeps quietly at night for about 7 hours.  He has not been destructive in the house, but could become that way if not challenged mentally and physically at times during the day.

Colton's adoption fee is $225 and includes neuter, vaccinations, microchip, collar and ID tag.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Colton, you must be willing to come to southwestern Idaho to meet him.  Please complete the application on this website, then email


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