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Annabelle and Jakers
Sammamish, WA

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Rescue Group: Owner Placement
Date: 02-02-2017
DogId: Annabelle and Jakers (WA#4343)
Gender: V
Age: 5 yr - 10 yrs
Location: Sammamish, WA
Special Needs: none

*** Adoption Pending **


Hello humans,

My name is Jakers.  I'm a 9-year-old border collie / cattle dog mix.  My girl Annabelle (11), a border collie/lab mix, and I are looking for new digs.   You see, Mom and Dad and our kids have to move overseas. They cannot take us because they'll be living in a teeny-tiny apartment in Sweden; it's not fair to make us move.  We both love kids and we love each other very much.  We hope there is someone out there who can take both of us.    If we have to be separated, we are hoping for visitation rights with each other. Think you can handle that?

Anyway, here's a bit about each of us:

  • Jakers - I was an SPDR placement 8 1/2 years go.   I LOVE to do stuff - hiking, running, walking, and even helping you in your garden.  I can chill when I'm in the house and I love my human siblings.     I do have a thing about cats.  I can't help but poke at them. Constantly. Incessently.  If I live with a cat, Mom and Dad said it has to be the sort of cat that will "teach me a lesson" or ignore me.   I am very, very smart. Like, I have one of the best doggie brains in the world.    I hope you'll put a "My border collie is smarter than your honor student" on your car, but I can forgive you if you won't.  I do have a touch of separation anxiety. I sort of freak out if I'm left home alone.  However, I do ok if Annabelle is there to soothe my fears.   I will be happiest with a full time parent or another dog to hang out with. 
  • Annabelle is a BC /Aussie/ Lab mix. She is a very youthful 12.  Most people think she's younger than me. Bit$#.    She  hogs the fireplace.    One of these days she's going to spontaneously combust.    When Annabelle's not basking in the warmth of a fire or a nice sunbeam, she enjoys nursing her stuffies, going for leisurely hikes in the woods,  or hanging out with you.  She will attempt to get as many scratches as she can beg off people.. any people.  It's embarrassing.  Seriously.  Annabelle also likes her food.  A lot.  She would probably look like a Goodyear Blimp if she had her way. If she goes to a home without me, she'll be happier if you feed her in her crate away from other canine friends.  Oh.. and she likes kids and cats. She makes it her job to protect her charges. 

Please contact to set up a meeting with us. Please also fill out an application and notify when you have done so. 


Jakers and Annabelle. 

Now for the human posting....

Hi, we're James and Amy and we are moving from Sammish, WA to Sweden in the near future.   Unfortunately we have found that it's best for our pups to find a loving home with experienced owners rather than try to bring them on the long journey.  While it would be fantastic for them to stay together, we think they could be quite happy apart as well, with the right families.

Annabelle is a 12-year-old Labrador mix (we think possibly with Australian Shepherd, but not sure ). She loves being close to her people and getting long pets and scratches. She's great with kids and cats, and overall pretty mellow except when it's meal time and she's excited for food! She can do well with other dogs if the introduction goes right, but in unpredictable situations she can get fearful.

Jakers is a 9-year-old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix.   He definitely showed all of the energy you'd expect from that pairing when he was a little younger, but he has slowed down quite a bit in the last few years. He still loves to chase his ball -- he'll go until he physically can't anymore -- and loves walking, running, and hiking. He has expressed separation anxiety when left alone, so he would do best in a home with another dog. He'll do best in a home without cats. Jakers has been absolutely wonderful with our young children, but he has become protective and territorial at our house. We created a safe space for him to be when new people come to visit, which has worked well. He does not exhibit these territorial tendencies when he is away from home, or when he was fostered as a pup. He is a very smart and special dog. 

We can't really say enough about how good these dogs are overall. We'll miss them terribly!

Contact us at with any questions or to set up a meeting!

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