Things To Do With Your Dog in Western Washington

All organizations listed here are based on recommendations of  individual rescuers or individual adopters.  These recommendations are based on personal opinions and do not reflect an endorsement by any rescue organization as a whole .   If you've had a good experience with a Seattle-area organization, we would be happy to post it.  If you've had a bad experience, we would also like to know so we may remove any controversial listings.    We recommend that before attending any class with your dog, that you attend at least one session to ensure that training methods used at a particular facility are in line with your own standards.    

If you don't see what you are looking for on this page, please use an Internet search engine and type in the words you are looking for.     Http:// is one example of a search engine.  

4H - Just for kids, but adult helpers are needed! (note: this information was last verified in 2000)

WA - For referring new 4-H members in Snohomish county (and some nearby King County kids cross over), people can contact our program leader: Martin Singer 425.353.2897   

There is a different 4-H program in each county, but people can get in touch with the appropriate organization by looking in the blue pages in the phone book under Cooperative Extension. 4-H is state funded through the land grant colleges (WSU in our case) in each state, and is run in part by each county extension office, along with lots of volunteers. Snohomish, Pierce, & King counties all have pretty strong dog 4-H programs.


Behavioral Issues

SPDR members have been extremely impressed with  Packworks with Gretchen Schumacher and MIchael Schmidt.  If you are experiencing issues with your pet, please contact them at:  

Some of our rescuers also highly recommend Caren:

Caren's Canine Counseling:   Caren Malgesini, 425-334-0856 ,



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Off-Leash Dog Areas in the Seattle Area

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