Liability Waiver for Dog Posting

UPDATE: AUGUST 2004.  Unless you are working directly with one of our active rescuers, The web master will NOT be able to list dogs for independent parties. Thank you.


Please read carefully, fill in the blanks, sign and date:


Full Address:


Phone number:

Email Address:    

Name of Rescue Organization you are working with:


RE:                   _________ - Posting on Website
       dog's name         

I                                                         hereby make available for adoption this breed of dog
        your full name  

                                           who is named                                                .  
             dog's breed                                                dog's name


I certify that I am  the owner of this dog, free and clear of all other interests.   I certify that this dog is not possessed of any dangerous or vicious behaviors (he has never bitten a human or attempted to bite a human), and that I have not  willfully concealed information about this dog that might indicate such behaviors.   The information I have provided about this dog is true.

Read, understood and agreed.


              Owner's signature:                                                    

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