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If you are interested in any of these dogs, please fill out one of the applications THEN contact the individuals noted in each dog's profile.  Inquiries without a corresponding application will not be answered as most baseline questions for conversation are covered in the application form.  Please remember to include a dog's name and/or your name in the subject line to keep spam filters from "junking" your email inquiry.  

You need fill out only one application on our system.  If you wish to apply for more than one dog, you have the option of filling out the application again, or sending a copy of your application, which you will receive in email, to the foster homes for other dogs.  

Note that it can take 7-10 days to reach a rescuer as we all have jobs, families, lives, and fosters to care for.  Sometimes, if a dog is extremely popular, a rescuer may not be able to respond to all inquiries.    Your patience is appreciated.

Disclaimer: is a web site, not an actual rescue organization.  Neither the service provider, nor the web masters are liable for information listed or for dog placements.   Each individual/organization is responsible for the evaluation of dogs that they have listed.  Each organization has its own set of bylaws, and many have additional paperwork that needs to be completed when/if you adopt a dog from them. Each organization reserves the right to place the dog into the  best home or not to place the dog at all.

Available Dogs
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