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ELLIE - aka Sweet Pea
Nampa, ID

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Ellie is a sweet, tiny girl.  A gem of a canine.  She is 7 years old, so in the prime of dog life.  She must be a border collie or other herding breed mix because she is so tiny. 

Ellie comes to us from a working ranch in southeastern Oregon, although she was not a working dog in this situation...more of a companion.  In fact, they rescued Ellie years ago from a situation where she was being abused. Both of Ellie's ears are chewed up.  Wounds from her previous life, healed up long ago.

The reason her current family is rehoming Ellie?  She's just not good with young children that do not respect her space and they have grandchildren.

She's about 13 inches at the withers and a real lovebug. Wants to cuddle and be petted especially when she wants to make sure everything is okay. Ellie is a bit needy and needs reassuring at first.  She is said to be okay with older children, but in all reality she really doesn't seem to enjoy them and gravitates to the adults.

She is polite to other dogs but does not seek their companionship, being more interested in people.  Ellie is afraid of loud noises like gunshots and fireworks.

She likes to run after a tennis ball and then take it away and play by herself.  Funny little girl.  If called, she comes right away.  She mostly just wants to be with people.  Ellie is not high drive or extremely active.  She would make a wonderful companion for an older or retired person, or someone that works from home. 

Ellie has been around cats that don't run or take any guff from dogs.  She has been around children, but does not appreciate the young ones that won't give her space.

She will have a lovely coat once she is on a quality dog food and brushed regularly. She will be freshly groomed before she goes to her new home.

A harsh word melts her. She walks nicely on lead and was an angel for her vet check. Accepts all handling including nail trim and grooming.  Her previous owner calls her mostly housetrained, so we will be working on reinforcing this in her foster home. ***She has been in foster care for several weeks now and hasn't had any accidents.***  Ellie rides quietly in the car without a crate.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Ellie, please complete the on line application here (link at the top of the page), then email Joan at

Ellie is sponsored by the Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group.  Her adoption fee is $175.  You must be willing to travel to southwestern Idaho to meet Ellie if interested in possibly adopting her.



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