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Jessie is a smooth coat BC, mostly black and white but has some gold markings on her legs. She is approx. 20 mos. old. spayed femaile.  She is housebroken and very good in the house, following me around or taking a nap if I settle to do something.She has never made any bathroom mistakes in the house.  She likes a cushy bed, sometimes a rug, and I was told by her former owner that she liked to sleep on the bed with her. She will not be adopted to a home where she will be an "outside dog" and there MUST BE A FENCED YARD.  She jumps like a deer and although she is obedient, sitting when asked or downing when asked, she will jump a babygate to be with you.  She has been secure in a large yard with 6 foot welded wire non-climable horse fence.  She was taken on short rides with the former owner's and was good around the horses. She was raised with their cat and although she might chase a cat if it ran, she never hurt one. She is good with our other dogs, but if excited will nip if there's an uproar. If the other dog shows resentment of the nip, she will back off and avoid the dog for a while, making up later. She will stare or growl if another dog tries to steal her chew bone or her food. This is normal behavior.  She is good with well behaved children having been raised with a 10 yr. old girl and a 7 yr old boy. She is difficult to photograph.

Problems:  She was bullied during an early puppyhood obed. class by a larger older puppy.  She associated the frightening experience not with the other dog but with being leashed and going to a place where there were strangers.  Being a soft dog she began submissive wetting when presented with scary situations.  When I first brought her home she would present submissive puppy behavior of sitting, partially rolling to her side and wetting.  As she became more confident that I would not shout at her, or harm her in any way, she stopped doing that. However, she will still sometimes do this, not always doing the sit and roll, when I put a leash on her. I am working on this. She will also occasionally do this if she feels she has done wrong and will be punished.

IMPROVEMENT: she no longer urinates when the leash is attached! Nor have we seen this behavior for some weeks now.   She is afraid of strangers and will alarm bark at them, backing up while doing so.  If they will stand around and ignore her for a bit while talking to her handler, then offer some tasty treats, like chicken or string cheese (not too much), she will make up and be friendly.  I took her to the vet with one of my other dogs and she soon made up with all the staff and went to the doctor with no treats for petting.  She is a soft dog and cannot be physically or verbally punished more than a sharp "NO" if it is very necessary.  I usually just say a negative "eh, eh" if I want her  to stop doing something. Because of her fear of strangers I do not think she would be a good traveling dog.  She needs a home she can count on and dependable surroundings.  If her new home is willing to put in the work I believe she can get over some of this but it will take patient training of the Behavior Adjustment Training type.  The good thing is that she recovers quickly from situations where she was a bit frightened and is not a continual barker.

Training:  She knows sit, down, come (great recall), biscuit time (means bedtime), walk on a leash, (we're working on that as I mentioned), Off (means get off me). She is very intelligent and tuned in to her people. Jessie visited the Veterinary office for check up and vaccinations and made up with a new tech.  She was very good during the exam and went to the doctor for petting. She had a clear health check.

Idiosyncrasies: Jessie did not at first play with toys. She now is interested in pushing her chew around so this is an improvement. She loves a rawhide roll to chew on and a Kong toy with a bit of peanut butter on the inner lip.  I have not seen any evidence of her chewing up any bedding or anything else. She runs with our male BC when he is retrieving the ball and gives him some light mouthing but he does not get irritated with her so she must not pinch.  She and our female BC, older dog, get along well.  She also gets along with a pointer mix and a Lab., both female.  Our second BC male (mix) is not her favorite.  He can be pushy and barky and she will go to his crate and stare at him, at which time I make her come elsewhere. 

Please Complete an application and thoroughly read the biography above before calling about Jessie.  Her adoption fee is $200.00 and adopters must visit her in Ontario, OR.  Stacey Gehrman: phone number is 541 889 2018. 


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